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We have the pleasure to introduce our company for your kind reference and future action.  |  BALTIC Shipping Agency is pleased to provide its services in various shipping activities  Shipping Agency &  protecting - Ship Chandlers - Chartering & Brokers - Forwarding & Handling Containers  - Customs Clearance - Land transportation

We are committed to high quality services on a 24/7 basis. | The aim of our company is to give its customers the latest information and news, thus enabling them to make the right decision at right place. |   BALTIC  Shipping Agency is operated by a group of shipping professionals, some veteran and some new, who are able to offer ship owners and charters first-class services attending their vessels and cargoes with efficiency and expertise. |  BALTIC Shipping Agency is uniquely ahead in performance and reliance, through its prestigious and distinguished staff of selected Shipping expertise, enjoying wide experience in Shipping & Maritime Services field at all Libyan Ports & Petroleum. | We look forward to your response, and hope for  a prosperous future mutual benefit of our companies. | Please find below all of our activities.

Shipping Agency &  protecting - Ship Chandlers - Chartering & Brokers - Forwarding & Handling Containers  - Customs Clearance - Land transportation

Shipping Agency & Protecting
Protecting agency, full agency, crew changes, spare parts clearance and ship's clearance in/out , tallying & supervision on loading / discharging cargo.

Ship Chandlers & Bunkers
Very Competitive Prices and Prompt Supply of Provision, Fresh Water, Fuel ,spare parts , ets...

Chartering & Brokers
Offer Suitable Vessels for your Cargo required, and offer suitable Cargo for your open vessels

Forwarding & Handling Containers 
We  has very well experienced staff in the field of Forwarding & Handling Containers, our staff can forward & handle & manage & warehouse,  all the procedures related to such Service for all types of Vessels carrying Containers to Libya.

Customs Clearance
At all Libyan Ports we provide all services related to Clearance Formalities, Tariffs Commodity Interpretation and all required Documents preparation and Delivery in quick and Safe Manner

Land transportation
We offer arrangements with competitive prices and  proper time services for land transportation to carrier your cargo from discharging port to the final destination , or from warehouse to loading port .

Hoping that we have given broad Review of our Shipping Agency , we would be very happy to extend our Best of Services to your Vessels calling at all Libyan Ports and looking forward to Establish a Mutual Business Relationship with your Esteem Company.  For Further Details, Please don’t Hesitate to Contact us at Our Full Style As Follows:


TEL:+218 51 5227156   FAX:+218 51 2620 470   EMAIL:     info@libyamar.com     libya.ship@gmail.com 

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